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When a detox program for addiction concludes and a degree of sobriety is achieved, the gains made simply cannot be taken for granted. It is usually only a matter of days before the cravings of addiction return with irresistible force. The cravings associated with addiction are the result of a form of permanent brain injury brought to specific parts of the brain by substance abuse. If you are to retain the sobriety that you attain through detox, the only way to do what is to find an effective Lebanon Drug Rehab Centers and Treatment Programs in Lebanon that fully engage with a good program.

These therapeutic programs work with patients in various ways to identify the primary challenges aesthetic after detox and to address them. These programs can take months to show effect; in some cases, you may need to continue with them indefinitely. While it can be a burden to have to accept addiction treatment therapy for a long period of time, doing this can be excellent insurance to ensure continued sobriety.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

An effective primary addiction treatment program in Lebanon is used in helping patients hold on to their sobriety, the thrust of CBT is to help patients identify and address specific areas of psychological deficiency that may have led them to substance abuse.

A number of such deficiencies commonly exist in those who struggle with sobriety -- people tend to suffer from excessive guilt, uncontrollable anger, low self-esteem, difficulty in turning people down, underdeveloped people skills and so on. These cognitive challenges did not directly lead to addictive behavior; they tend to make life very difficult in general, however, and make the escapism of substance abuse seem tremendously attractive.

In CBT, patients work together with their therapists to identify these problems, analyze the way their thoughts work in these areas, and make corrections.

Trigger Avoidance Therapy

A relapse is a return to substance abuse after a period of sobriety. Relapses occur for a number of reasons; emotional stress tends to be behind most cases of relapse, however. Two out of three cases of relapse occur when addicts out of medical detox in Lebanon are caught up unawares in situations involving difficult emotions. It may be depression due to a relationship problem, anxiety due to financial difficulties, or even the joy of a party with friends.

A significant part of staying free of relapses involves anticipating each one of these addiction triggers and avoiding them. It can take a great deal of work with a therapist to identify each one of these triggers and to learn ways avoid them. When successfully done, however, trigger avoidance therapy does work very well.

Learning How Relapses Work

Relapses can sometimes occur for no apparent reason -- the mind simply slides into a state where begins to perceive the consequences of addiction as acceptable. Addiction begins to seem like an imaginary problem. In spite of all the work you may have put into preparing your mind to stand strong against cravings and relapse, you may find your mind softening.

Relapses do not happen without warning, however. Rather, it's possible to actually sense the forces of relapse gathering steam. If you are a recovering addict, you may experience emotional instability, irritability, and a tendency to fantasize about a return to drug use. Learning the science of how relapses operate can be a great help. You can recognize it when relapse is about to happen, and ask for rehab treatment programs in Lebanon.

Family Therapy

Family support is a strong indicator of an ability to maintain sobriety over the long-term. Unfortunately, however, if you are like most addicts, you may have spent years distancing your family. Obtaining such support can be difficult as a result.

Family therapy is one of the best treatment programs for addiction. It helps recovering addicts bond with family, and refresh their relationship. In therapy, the family learns to recreate their relationship, and establish healthy relationship habits. Families learn how to conduct discussions in a friendly manner without letting anger get in the way, and they learn to recognize their own co-dependent behavior correct it. Therapy, they can also simply learn to be a family once again. The stronger and more supportive the family unit, the better the chances are for the addict attempting lifelong sobriety.

Art Therapy and Treatment Programs in Lebanon

Creative work can be tremendously useful in any have first to help the mind find its way out of cravings and a desire to give in. From painting to music, and from drama to dancing, a number of artistic endeavors are tapped as a way to help patients externalize their emotions, project their trauma into expression through art, recognize who they are, and learn about their challenges through analyzing their own art. When deployed as part of an overall program that includes CBT and other objective therapeutic approaches, therapy can be tremendously healing and productive. Lebanon Drug Rehab Centers can help you locate a quality facility to aid in your recovery.

With each one of these treatment approaches, the skill of the therapist is of primary importance. It can help to audition different therapists to ensure that you find a therapist you like. It's possible to find excellent addiction treatment programs today. All you need to do is look for the best rehab treatment programs in Lebanon. Call Lebanon Drug Rehab Centers now for help (717) 446-8632.

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