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Using any addictive substance over a long period of time causes changes to the brain. Since these substances interfere with chemicals of primary importance to the brain, the brain responds by adapting. It learns to internally adjust its chemical responses in the presence of these substances. This is physical dependence or addiction -- the brain adapts to functioning in a way that only makes sense in the presence of addictive substances. When an attempt is made to detox -- to get off abusing a substance after a period of consumption -- the brain needs to re-adapt its internal chemical levels to functioning without these substances. This process involves withdrawal symptoms -- painful and harmful effects experienced by the brain in chemical disruption. There are qualified and accredited medical detox centers in Lebanon, places that are well-suited to offering the medical treatment necessary for a safe detox experience. Lebanon Drug Rehab and Medical Detox Centers in Lebanon can guide you toward a reputable facility for your addiction.

Why Is Medical Detox Necessary?

Many people addicted to drugs do attempt to break free on their own, with no resort to rehab or professional drug and alcohol medical detox. They put together a detox strategy based on scraps of information obtained online, and begin weaning themselves off drugs. Since they do not have access to many medications only available to physicians, and since they tend to work with inaccurate medical knowledge, the experience tends to be a painful one. Few people are able to stand up to the panic attacks, the unending pain, insomnia, the psychotic episodes, or the seizures and cardiac irregularities. Some people do, however, and once the symptoms fade away over a week or two, they consider themselves sober and free of drugs.

Sobriety Is Hardly Attainable Alone

Using brute force to make your way through the medical detox process, pain and all do damage to the aim. To begin, most people simply aren't able to go through days of cravings, pain and extreme discomfort. At some point, they simply throw in the towel. Those who do persevere, however, may invite subtle forms of damage to the brain, called kindling. They are unable to sustain their resolve and stay away from drugs for long afterward. Medical detox centers in Lebanon are a safe and effective way to achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Neglecting to Accept Therapy Is a Greater Risk

Those who do not prefer to accept medical treatment for an addiction will usually not turn to rehab for treatment after detox. The treatment that follows detox is actually the most important part of a rehab program. While detox takes care of the clamor of withdrawal symptoms and cravings, it doesn't get to the heart of an addiction: the deep psychological attachment to addictive behavior created by the action of drugs on the brain's learning and reward center.

This psychological attachment lasts for life and can cause unstoppable cravings. Managing these cravings is a large part of post-detox life.

To help with such attachment, rehabs offer psychiatric and psychological treatment. Psychiatric care helps addicts deal with the mental disorders they frequently face, and psychological therapy helps with the myriad psychological problems usually seen, to do with anger, impulse control and so on. Detox is meaningless without going on to accept addiction treatment in Lebanon. A person who resists medical detox is likely to resist these kinds of treatment, as well, and is likely to quickly slip into addiction again.

How to Find Medical Detox Centers in Lebanon

If you are convinced that it doesn't make sense to detox on your own, you need to think about finding the right program. You probably have access to a half-dozen different ones near where you live, and you need to know how to identify a good one. Here are tips.

  • Accreditation: It makes sense to look for medical detox centers accredited by JC, CARF or another industry body. Accreditation is an assurance of competent treatment.
  • Evidence-based care: Only some rehabs offer care based on principles of modern addiction science. It's important to ask.
  • Customization: Generic, one-size-fits-all programs do not work well. Programs need to be put together for the individual needs of each patient.

Outpatient care is admittedly the more popular choice among addicts seeking treatment. Not only is it inexpensive, it allows you to make do with no more than a couple of hours of care each day. Outpatient care is not very successful, however, because it offers nothing other than the prescription, itself. Patients need monitoring to make sure that they don't cheat, friendly, emotional support by professionals to ensure that they do not lose their spirit, and close medical attention and care at all times to make sure that they don't feel pain. If you're looking for the best medical detox centers in Lebanon, keeping these ideas in mind can help you in your search. Call Lebanon Drug Rehab Centers now for help (717) 446-8632.

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