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To most people, addiction -- a condition in which those affected self-destruct for the pleasure to be obtained from the ingestion of mind-altering substances -- is one of the most mystifying medical problems in existence. Addicts are often no clearer about why they act in the ways they do. It is this lack of clarity that often stands in the way of addicts and their families struggling with addiction. The more you know about what exactly addiction is and how it is treated, however, the better and more effective your response is likely to be. If you're looking for drug rehabs in Lebanon, here is the information that can help.

Addiction Is a Mental Disorder

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is medically classified a mental disorder. It tends to be hard for the average person to understand why such a categorization should be justified. Seek the assistance and guidance of Lebanon Drug Rehab centers today and learn more about the steps to seeking treatment.

Addiction is termed a mental disorder because of the permanent, injurious changes that excessive use causes in the brain. The injury is highly specific -- it appears in the learning and reward center of the brain, making it recognize drug use not as a harmful habit, but as a life-sustaining habit. As a result of a change of this kind, the drug/alcohol user is unable to understand that substance abuse is harmful, even in the light of ample evidence. Primarily, addiction is a change to the brain that results in psychological dependency.

Addiction Is Often Caused by Mental Disorders

Between 50% and 70% of all substance, abuse addicts suffer from mental disorders. Bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia and many other conditions are exceedingly common among those addicted. In many cases, these conditions appear from birth and lead sufferers to excessive drug use. Often, the mental difficulties caused by these conditions make the comfort of substance abuse seem highly desirable, and the lack of self-control that comes with many of these conditions adds to the problem. Dual diagnosis treatment in Lebanon could be beneficial for those who suffer from two disorders.

Other mental problems are involved in addiction, as well. Most addicts suffer from psychological difficulties to do with anger management, impulse control, guilt issues, self-image distortions and cognitive distortions. Addicts tend to live tortured mental lives and suffer an impaired ability when it comes to an understanding of substance abuse.

The presence of these mental conditions in addiction means that attempting treatment for addiction alone rarely works. Not only is an addict with mental challenges unlikely to be able to focus on treatment well enough to get better, they are likely to be unable to stay away from drugs once treatment concludes. Treatment, therefore, should necessarily focus on correcting these disorders.

Looking for a drug and alcohol rehab that offers integrated dual diagnosis treatment helps ensure that psychiatric disorders are addressed. Seeking long-term relapse prevention in Lebanon and addiction treatment therapy helps ensure that patients receive help for psychological challenges.

Detox Isn't the Most Important Part of Rehab

When you quit, the brain experiences chemical disruptions as it attempts to adapt to functioning without drugs. These result in painful and dangerous symptoms. Medical detox helps treat these symptoms to do away with both the danger and the discomfort. Once the effects of physical dependence fade away in a matter of weeks, however, psychological dependence does persist. This is the most vexing part of any addiction. Such dependence is able to throw up strong cravings, and ruin any successful run of successful sobriety. Recovering addicts have succumbed after a decade or longer of sobriety.

Intensive and sustained therapeutic intervention for months, if not for years, is the only reliable, medically valid path out of psychological dependence, and it forms the core of most drug rehab programs. Detox is meaningless without such therapeutic work.

Many people tend to see detox as the treatment mode of primary significance at rehab. After all, it's the intervention that applies medications and quickly brings about visible effects within weeks.

While detox does quickly bring about visible results, however, it is far from being the core of what rehab sets about to achieve; it is only treatment offered to help make safe the path out of physical addiction. It is the treatment that follows that has center stage. Drug rehabs in Lebanon can assist you in seeking help for your substance abuse.

If you're attempting to find the best drug rehabs in Lebanon, your search should be about more than program costs and the length of time you need to spend. Instead, should be all about effective program effectiveness. Checking to ensure recognition by the joint commission part is one to this. Another is to speak to the therapists at the best drug and alcohol rehab centers, finding out help good they are. Quality tends to be all over the map when it comes to rehab, and finding a treatment that works best for you requires due diligence. Call Lebanon Drug Rehab Centers now for guidance (717) 446-8632.

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